Latest Fund statistics for Ireland

Author: Clerkin Lynch LLP

Date Published 25/10/2023

The Central Bank of Ireland has released statistics pertaining to Irish domiciled fund assets for the period ended quarter 2 of 2023. The net asset values of the Irish domiciled funds continued to increase by €79 billion reaching €3280 billion in Q2 2023 driven mainly by positive revaluations of €66 billion with new inflows of €10 billion.

 Equity and bond funds showed the most significant net asset value increases of €76 billion and €18 billion. Valuation gains for these two fund types accounted for almost 90 percent of the overall increase of net asset values. Money Market Funds showed net asset value decreases of €6 billion provided for mainly by investor outflows of €13 billion. These has been an increase in holdings of both debt securities and equity of €24 and €76 billion. This increase was mainly due to investor inflows of €39 billion and in equity holdings by positive revaluations of €66 billion. By the end of Q2 2023 Money Market Funds net value assets decreased by €6 billion to €655 billion driven mainly by investor outflows.


Investment Fund Statistics – Q2 2023