Irish Regulatory Updates

Author: Clerkin Lynch LLP

Date Published 11/10/2022

Central Bank Website Updates

The Central Bank of Ireland (the “Central Bank”) has updated its website to include reference to the Irish UCITS statutory Instruments S.I 262/2022 and S.I. 442/2022. These relate to, respectively,  Key Investor Documents and PRIIPS and sustainability related matters including disclosures of risks and the taking into account of related risks in the management process. The Central Bank has also updated the funds authorisation section of the website to update disclosures regarding the pre-submission process, including details of when a pre-submission is required. The Central Bank has also reintroduced the use of quality assurance checks to allow it to continue to monitor the standard of relevant QIAIFs as well as QIAIFs more generally. In addition, as part of the enhancements to the Irish client asset regime and following the publication of the revised Client Asset Requirements in July 2022, the Central Bank has also recently published a revised Monthly Client Asset Report (“MCAR”) template in excel format and a Guidance Note to accompany the revised MCAR template. However, investment firms are not required to commence using this template for the purpose of MCAR reporting at this time, and should continue to submit the existing MCAR until further notice.